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Dimples at the sides of the mouth are seen as an adorable feature.They are considered attractive in many cultures. Dimples brighten a smile and enhance the facial look. A natural dimple results from a small gap in the cheek muscle;the gap creates a little indentation at the side of the mouth when a person smiles. Dimple creation surgery recreates this naturally occurring process.

We can create dimples in a short, 20-minute surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia in the office. Dimple creation can be performed on any type of cheek, and you can decide exactly where you want the dimple to be located. It is a straight-forward, simple procedure when performed correctly, with minimal downtime.


The process is done under local anesthesia. First the exact desired location of the dimples is identified and marked on the outside of the cheek. Then, a very small amount (approximately 1 cc) of local anesthetic is applied on the inside of both cheeks, following this a tiny incision is made on each side. A small amount of muscle (approximately 34 mm) is removed from the location where it would have been absent in a natural dimple. Next, 12 absorbable sutures (which dissolve in 12 weeks) are done. Natural-looking dimples require a precise removal of specified amount of muscle and accurate depth of the sutures. The entire procedure takes about 2030 minutes.

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