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The most successful and the safest way to remove fat from the face and neck is through tumescent liposuction. Some positive outcomes of tumescent liposuction of the face and neck are fewer risks, scars, rapid recovery and it gives a more natural appearance as compared to a facelift.


Local deposits of subcutaneous fat in the face and neck along with an excessively wrinkled skin will get good results from liposuction in combination with either a laser resurfacing or a chemical peel, than they would from a facelift. Also women who have good skin elasticity, liposuction alone can also produce drastic improvement.


This treatment is common for men who want to avoid having the surgical look of a facelift.


Not all patients are suitable for liposuction of the face and neck. It varies from person to person.

Areas in the FACE and the NECK

Submental chin is the area below the margin of the jaw, and extends onto the front of the neck. An inherited localized collection of excess fat beneath the chin makes one look heavy, older and less athletic. Liposuction is usually the simplest, safest, and least expensive way to treat this cosmetic problem.

Cheeks with excessive subcutaneous fat can make a person appear chubby. This type of fat deposit is usually the result of an inherited tendency and is resistant to exercise and diet. We at ENHANCE can correct this cosmetic problem totally under local anesthesia and with virtually no scars, using very small cannulas (less than 1.5 mm in diameter).

Jowls are a small focal accumulation of fat on the lower cheek overlying the jaw bone. Prominent jowls make a person look old and are a cosmetic concern for both women and men.

Liposuction does not remove the facial wrinkles, but there are modern cosmetic facial resurfacing techniques that do. A combination of liposuction plus wrinkle removal can often provide a better overall cosmetic improvement than a facelift.

Platysma Bands are the vertical folds of skin on the front of the neck that develop in older patients. They are the loose folds of superficial muscles as well as fat. Liposuction may improve the appearance of platysma bands. In addition, the platysma muscles can be tightened at the time.

Post Operative

The incisions of liposuction of the neck and face do not require sutures. Open drainage of the blood-tinged anesthetic solution minimizes postoperative bruising and edema. Absorptive pads are applied to absorb the drainage and are held in place by an elastic compression garment. An elastic compression garment is worn after liposuction of face and neck during the first 18 to 36 hours after surgery. As soon as the drainage has ceased, a compression garment is no longer necessary.

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