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Serial surgeries are preferred in case of thigh liposuction as compared to doing the surgery in a single day. If more than 60 % of the subcutaneous fat is removed from thighs, it is associated with a relatively high incidence of patient dissatisfaction.

Advantages of Serial Surgeries

Serial surgeries involve sessions spaced one month apart. Differrent parts of thigh are covered in different sessions. This is better as compared to a single procedure because there is lesser swelling of the lower extremities and lesser discomfort and early return to normal activities. There is no risk of deep leg vein thrombosis and blood clots in lungs which can be a problem in case of circumferential thigh liposuction.

Post Operative Condition

Leg swelling can be seen after liposuction due to injury to the lymphatic vessels. The portion of the thigh that is not treated provides functioning lymphatics that compensate for the impaired lymphatic drainage in the treated area. This is not a big concern though when serial surgeries are performed

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