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Thread lift is a safer, convenient alternative to traditional facelift designed for minor facial sagging. It is less invasive and costs less.


People of 3545 age group with minimal signs of aging, who require a small lift.


Local anesthesia is given.

The surgeon inserts a hollow needle in the skin at a predetermined area, and then a barbed thread is slipped into the skin through the needle. Once inserted, the threads would grab onto the soft tissues; they provide support that help in lifting and repositioning of the tissues. The needle is then removed, and the doctor would lift the droopy areas with smooth and barbed sutures and secure them down. Next, he would shape and sculpt the droopy areas by threading the barbed sutures, although the procedure might be different if you are want droopy jowls or neck lifted. The threads are tightened (to lift the face), positioned, and tugged into desired placement and are then secured and cut close to the skin.


The results last for 34 years.

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