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Enhance Experience

Enhance Clinics is an advanced top line Hair Transplant, Cosmetic and Dermatology care centre.nd them to your hair.

A word of advice to Mr.Morrison - Harsha Bhogle - Your Hair???

Mr. Morrison, allow us to save you the trouble of asking Mr. Bhogle about his hair surgeon. Mr. Bhogle enjoys a full head of hair thanks to the cosmetic wizard, Dr. Manoj Khanna. Trust us, this man can sow a barren land and reap a full harvest.

Enhance Hair Fiber & Locking Spray

Check out this revolutionary product for all your hair baldness related problems. Enhance hair fibers instantly builds your hair with natural human hair fibers. It is made of pure organic Keratin Fibers charged with static electricity. Enhance locking spray liquid is applied after the Enhance Hair Fiber or any other hair fiber to help bind them to your hair. To Know more call +91 9818991609 now!

Hair Transplant for Celebrity & Others by Dr. Manoj Khanna.

Work Studios of Dr Manoj Khanna, eminent hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

Hair Combing after Hair Transplant by Dr. Manoj Khanna.

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